Easy RealMedia ProducerV1.94

Easy RealMedia ProducerV1.94

Easy RealMedia Producer will help you convert popular media files into RM / RMVB files in batches, with a simple and very easy-to-use interface, and customizable settings, Easy RealMedia Producer is perfect for either novice or advanced content creators.

It uses the latest RealVideo10 codec. Unlike other Real compressors, ERMP utilizes Real's core for the encoding, instead of calling Helix Producer Plus by a command line.

NOTE: This sofware is free for personal use.

Here are some key features of "Easy RealMedia Producer":

· more filter and settings than Helix Real Producer
· customizable settings for every session
· batch produce
· can shutdown computer when done
· setting film end time
· video color/brightness adjust
· temp file locate at the same adresse as destion
encodage: CBR/VBR ehq -Mode audio/Video:
· VIDEO OUTPUT: Realmedia (RV8/RV9/RV10)
· AUDIO OUTPUT: stereo music RA8, Surround audio, 5.1 multicanal
· Realaudio10, Realaudio lossless audio, Vorbis,HE-RAAC
· AVISynth scripting support,support for avs directly
· Easy-to-use interface, Drag and Drop supported.
· Session Process Priority Adjustable
· TrayIcon Supported,can minimize to system tray
· Easy RealMedia Editor Inside
· Batch edit process
· Split a RM to pieces
· Edit Property of RM file, just as Title, Author, Copyright


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