I Love My Blogging Job !!

When i study at secondary school [S.M Holy Trinity], One girl ask me. Why i love to use my blog to make money online? I ask her one question. To answer that silly question but might be have deep meaning in her life. “Do you love money?” “Do you like to use money in this world?” She answer me fast. Yes! And she got the answer for her question. It save my time to answer her silly question. People always like that. Keep asking even they might know the answer.

My sister ask me about something different. Do you think you can make living with your blogging job? I ask her again. Another question. To answer that stupid question. But she might have a good reason why she ask me that question. “Sis, did you think you can make living with teaching people at school?”

She smiles. She know i’m trying to trap her with my question and i believe she know my answer. Yes. It same. If you put your heart in your job, you can make living with that job. Nope. Any job! As long as you know how to handle and manage your life and learn how to never giving up. Sometimes, people not satisfy with their job. Not have enough money. Want to have more expensive shoes. Want to buy more cloth. Want to have more money.

I never said that was wrong. It was your money. But learn to spend your money in right way. If not, never ask me to borrow my money and not have any intention to pay back. I hate that kind of people even you are girl or boy. I don’t care if good or bad people. But if you borrow someone people money, pay back immediately.

So, either you work as full time blogger or teacher or any job in this world, i don’t care. As long as you put your heart and love in your job. Never look down your job & Never give up !! U won't know the result until u try till the end .....

P/S : People love to look down others people.

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